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Start-Up (2020) B+

The SHORT Pill:

When two sisters, who were separated in their youth, are reunited at a competition, sibling rivalry rears its ugly head, as feelings of deception, doubts, and jealousy, create hurdles on the way to the finish line of a major business opportunity.

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Best Time To Watch:

Any time, Any Day. This is an easy watch that pulls you in almost instantly.

Prescribed For:

Someone looking for a bright and fresh cinematically styled drama that doesn’t have complex storylines and isn’t too taxing on the emotions.

Love And Romance:

A very complex relationship dynamic. This triangle feels different than ones that we love in other dramas. This triangle is truly a hard toss up between the male lead and second male lead. Your heart can steer you either way.

Classic Clichés:

Gotta love the “I loved you as a teenager and can’t recognize you as an adult” trope. This version isn’t as cliché since the two pen pals have never actually met in person. Aside from that, yes… there are moving cars that you need to beware of. Sad sigh.

Addiction Level:

2.5 Pills: Very mellow, yet exciting. Colorful and fast paced, yet you can watch, pause, sleep, and return- without being strung out.


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When two sisters, following their dad’s dream to create the next and newest technological app to help shape the world, compete on opposing sides, the race to the finish line gets blurred between family hurts, childhood loves, and the race against time.
The writers kind of toyed with our emotions between the two male leads. It got to a point where you didn’t know who you were supposed to root for. The series started with the point of view of one person, as the leading thought, and then shuffled it back & forth in latter episodes. At one point in the drama (somewhere around episode 13), I confusingly thought the series had ended.



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Exam Results:


This drama starts out with one set determination, and then takes a turn towards the end. Although it had a happier ending than I expected, it felt a bit rushed.

Side Effects:

Underdog dramas always leave you feeling inspired and ready to get your life in order.

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