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Search WWW (2019) B+

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Short Pill:

Two competing search engine companies try to make it the the top, while blurring the moral and ethical lines to get there. Search WWW is the not common drama that you’re used to. Love and Romance is not at the center of these storylines. Winning is. These are high powered and very determined Women who bring their own brand of “running shit” to the corporate race.


Give this Drama until the 2nd episode to reel you in. You will like it then. The first episode is a bit slower and more informational.

Long Pill:

We watch as Baek Ta-mi (Im Soo-jung), a smart, driven, and ambitious, search engine executive, who was once part of a powerful trio, is forced to break out on her own, to compete against the company that she helped to grow with her blood, sweat, and creative marketing tears.

She joins forces with Bad Ass feminista, Cha Hyeon (Lee Da-hee), also known in the company by her English name, Scarlett. Scarlett kicks ass (literally) and takes names. She’s fierce, loyal, and assertive. She’s everything that Baek Ta-mi needs, yet doesn’t know.

It was really fun watching their dynamic on screen. From the beginning, it was those two coming together that helped me to tune in. Sometimes when they weren’t on screen together, you definitely craved it.

This story is a bit more fast paced in the beginning and cruises steady after that.

Hard Pill to Swallow:

We went on the rollercoaster with leading lady, Baek Ta-mi, in hopes of understanding her more. Trying to understand why she was so guarded, why she gave up on a personal life, and why her ambitions to succeed were so high. But we never found out the answers, and had to do our best, just like her male love interest, Park Morgan (Jang Ji-yong) to piece it all together.


Best Time to Watch: Any time of the day. The cinematography is beautiful, clear, and bright, and the moving scenes make it easy to stay alert and interested.

Classic Clichés: They managed to stay away from clichés in this drama. It wouldn’t have hurt to have a few but this is on of the few sober, realistic, style dramas, that concentrates on non-fantastical storylines over relatable and real-life situations.

Romance: There are a couple of brushes of romance in this drama, but again, not really the main focus of the storylines. They deal with miscommunication and fears of relationships than the optimistic hope and fairytale of romance.

Addiction level: 2 pills (You’ll think about the characters while dozing to sleep, but you won’t be forcing yourself to stay awake to see what happens next.

Prescribed for: Adult Attractive, but bossed-up teens will like. Those who enjoyed Misaeng, Misty, Dear My Friends

Recommended Follow Up: “Be Melodramatic”

Main Ingredients (Cast):

Im Soo-jung (Bae Ta-mi/Tammy)

Lee Da-hee (Cha Hyeon/Scarlett)

Hye-Jin Jeon (Song Ga-kyeong)

Jang Ki-yong (Park Morgan)

Lee Jae-wook (Seol Ji-hwan)


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