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Legendary Witch (2014-15) A

The SHORT Pill:

From Prison to Pastries! A group of unlikely women form a friendship in prison that extends beyond release. They come together in business and as a bonus family.

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Best Time To Watch:

Great for a long weekend inside, or when you just want to over-indulge in something a little more extended.

Prescribed For:

Good show for Newbies looking to venture into longer episodic dramas, and pro watchers who need a break from melodramas while they regroup.

Love And Romance:

A wonderful story of friendship that develops after love goes awry. But after friendship and re- self discovery, there are some loves that brew again.

Classic Clichés:

Not many of the classic clichés that we’re used to from our melodramas but there is definitely a classic comedic timing when the good times are rolling.

Addiction Level:

2.5 Pills: Once these ladies become friends in your head, you’ll look forward to seeing them again- but won’t lose sleep if you have to pause.


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After life “happens” to a group of women from different roads, they all find themselves in a position to help and support one another back to the main road in life that they were destined to be before it derailed. And with all sweet things, there is usually some leaven in the loaf, the needs to be baked straight.
WIsh the ladies didn’t have so many preventable hardships to overcome. I love to see more victories throughout dramas instead of a big one, later on.



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Exam Results:


A feel good drama the family can watch and eventually feel like family after watching the beautiful bonds created by friendship.

Side Effects:

The infectiousness of the friendship lingers years after watching. And you may crave bread too!

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Short Pill: Who says the best years of your life are before your Fifties? Or that your Golden years are reserved just to wait and die comfortably? These friends are just getting started and have declared the best times ahead of them. But why take that wild journey alone, when you can ride it out in laughter and love, with your 'Dear' friends?

Short Pill: Sometimes we meet people who are truly "out of this world", making them unforgettable, and hard for anyone else to measure up. But that's what we call a once in a lifetime love. That's what these two have got.

Short Pill: Haunted, taunted, and afraid of the gift inside- just imagine if the one who has promised to protect you has a challenging time trying not to harm you. A reality stranger than fiction, a total Odyssey in Korea, indeed.

Short Pill: When life takes an unfortunate turn, an entitled "Daddy's Girl" from the city, joins the 'real world' of the countryside to earn her keep. With a lots of kindness from strangers, flattering compliments, an endless list of "I Owe You's", and piano barter payments, she gains friendships and support that that money could never afford.

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