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I’ll Go To You When The Weather is Nice (2020) A-

The SHORT Pill:

After misunderstandings occur in the big city of Seoul, a woman returns to the small town to reconnect with her family, herself, and overcome some issues. She connects with a boy trying to resolve his own hurts. Can two hurts hearts help each other heal?

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Early in the day. Although this is a cozy drama that would illuminate so beautiful in the dark because of its picturesque setting and hi-definition cinematography – it is very much a slow boil. You can watch this during your free time or you can watch episodes of this in between other shows that you are watching. It really is an Easy watch.

Prescribed For:

Preferably those looking for something simple and slow. Pro-Watchers and Mature Audiences can appreciate this style of storytelling. The pace might be too slow for younger viewers and newbies. Those who enjoyed “Late Night Restaurant”, “Twenty Again”, “Dear My Friends”, might find this drama endearing as well.

Love And Romance:

This is a sweet build. This is a boy meets girl… again, story. This time, boy is prepared and emotionally courageous. And girl is hardened like a rock, and doesn’t even know she needs a hug.

Classic Clichés:

Not a cliché filled series. This is a more sober and quiet style plot. No major song. No easy forgiveness. No overwhelming love that changes your planned decisions.

Addiction Level:

2 pills – Watch when you want. Switch when you don’t. Chances are that you will want to continue watching though, but won’t burn the eyes to do so.


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Places To Watch:


Episode Count:



If Park Min Young is in it, chances are, it’s a really good script. She has a knack for participating in storylines that really surprise you, and help you to see her growth as an actor – and this story is no different. This is a story about restoration. It took a couple of episodes to understand the rhythm of this drama, but once you latch on to it, it’s definitely a sweet ballad that has you swaying, gently, back and forth. Mok Hae-won, (played by Park Min Young) returns to her family home in the countryside and comes face-to-face with the unresolved issues of her past, and within herself. Once the family reunites, past feelings reignite, and we’re given a close-up of past events that occurred to cause many of the hurts, that even the main characters knew nothing about. Im Eun-seob, (played bySeo Kang-joon) is another townie in the countryside that has his own back story of family issues, and hurts, to resolve. It takes a few episodes to know what he is thinking but he really keeps the mystery going and his calm and steady persona brewing until the end. Unlike the other characters previously played by Seo Kang-joon, Im Eun-seob, shows a different side here than what we’ve seen in past dramas. He’s not the funny, goofy, slacker, that he was in “Cheese in the Trap”, and he isn’t as cunning as he was in “Are You Human Too”, but his portrayal here is vulnerable, understated, and simmering with maturity and chemistry.
Key word: Ballad. This is a slow song, a long poem, and a slow moving train. (A wine train though) A nice Napa Valley train that slowly makes its way through the hills and allows you to see and smell the roses along the way. Be prepared to ride this beautiful but slow moving train. Enjoy the journey without worrying about when you will get to the destination.



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Exam Results:


Beautiful, picturesque, and understated, and yet this show still manages to draw you in and capture your full attention.

Side Effects:

Sombarly beautiful like a nice aged bourbon. The burn of this drink stays with you long after its done.

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