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Hi Bye, Mama! (2020) B+

The SHORT Pill:

A classic twist on the theory of 49 days. This Mama ghost has 49 days to settle her issues on earth, and is faced with decisions on whether she will voluntarily leave, or face consequences of the heavens.

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Best Time To Watch:

Anytime of the day! You could literally start in the middle of the night and be fully tuned in.

Prescribed For:

All Audiences. Newbies will think it’s cute, Veterans could go either way. Great drama for families.

Love And Romance:

This love in this show is from all of the Mothers and their love for their children.

Classic Clichés:

None that I can remember. Is that a good thing?

Addiction Level:

2 Pills: It’s definitely a feel good drama, but not addictive. You can definitely enjoy at your leisure.


Original Network:

Places To Watch:

Episode Count:


A really adorable drama. A feel good show that’s perfect for the family. A different twist on the ghost tales you’re used to. With a whole new set of rules to consider, it makes you wonder how flexible the lives of those unseen, can truly be. This show is a perfect blend of Stepmom, Oh My Ghostess, and 49 Days. It shows just how far a mom will go to be with her child. She will cross realms and move Heaven and Earth, if need be. BREAKOUT STAR: I don’t think Ko Bo-Gyeol gets enough roles. She’s usually playing a somber, serious, brooding type but when she’s on the screen you’re drawn to her. There’s something very honest and raw about her presence. Plus, she’s super adorable.
There weren’t many things that I disliked in this drama. It was pretty easy going and easy to watch. I do wish though that I would’ve understood the rules of her visitation a bit more. That might’ve been one of the only confusions that I had to deal with.


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Exam Results:


It’s a fun watch. Not too deep. Not too sad. Not too funny. It’s just somewhere in the middle.

Side Effects:

None. When it’s done, it’s done. You smile, and you move on.

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