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Good Casting (2020) I

The SHORT Pill:

After a tragic causing hiatus from the field, a kick-butt spy agent and her reactivated housewife sidekicks reunite to finish a job that hits close to home. Their “Mission” definitely feel impossible but these 3 unlikely heroes find a way to take a licking and keep on ticking.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Must be in the mood for this type of drama. Doesn’t matter the day or time, only matters if you’re craving a comedic fun time.

Prescribed For:

Someone who is looking for something fun, busy, and action-packed. This is not for someone who is looking for a serious drama with a huge emotional build and story climax. This is kick-butt fun.

Love And Romance:

This is more action packed than rom-com, although the love and friendship that the colleagues share for one another is what fuels their mission.

Classic Clichés:

This drama takes a different. avenue than the clichés that we’re used to. This is all about girl power and taking names and kicking but it’s still done in the most adorable Kdrama way!

Addiction Level:

2 Pills: Can be cool some episodes and addictive some episodes but really holds a nice. and steady pace.


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Places To Watch:


Episode Count:



‘Good Casting’ started out with GREAT Casting and a Big BANG, with a wonderfully put together cast, but a terribly confusing story. build up. And although a bit bumpy in the middle, I still managed to enjoy the first episode so very much, that I committed to 5 more afterwards, hoping it would return to the initial sentiments that I held in the beginning – it did not. While there were so many things that I loved about this series, there were. so many things that equally frustrated me, and fell short with, as well.
If “Make it Make Sense” was a drama, this would be it. I had the highest hopes for Good Casting, but was left somewhere in between confusion and what the heck am I even watching?



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Exam Results:


Incomplete: There is a love/hate relationship with this series that causes me to root for it at the same time that I’m loathing it. Because I was unable to make it to the end, I cannot give a full assessment at this time.

Side Effects:

Can leave you feeling frustrated because of how brilliant the idea is and how poorly executed the development of the story was.

Recommended Follow-up:

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Short Pill: Full Review Coming.

Short Pill: When you're raised on a field of darkness, and seeded with thoughts of hate, can anything good come of your garden? Or are you just destined to be a Flower of Evil? Hopefully we can all be regrafted when the right Gardener comes along to help to cultivate our needs.

Short Pill: Full Review Coming.

Short Pill: Full Review Coming.

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