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Flower of Evil (2020) A

The SHORT Pill:

When you’re raised on a field of darkness, and seeded with thoughts of hate, can anything good come of your garden? Or are you just destined to be a Flower of Evil? Hopefully we can all be regrafted when the right Gardener comes along to help to cultivate our needs.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

The earlier, the better. This show is pretty intense and needs you to be present an unafraid. The night time might be too dark. Just kidding. But you should watch when you’re awake and fully alert.

Prescribed For:

Pro Watchers, Mature Audiences. This drama might be a bit much for beginners. Even if they do watch, and like, it might have them strung out in the worse way,

Love And Romance:

This is what classic KDrama Love is all about. The understanding that the FL lead has for the ML, and the way he hopes to protect her from all of the ugliness that surrounds him is beautiful.

Classic Clichés:

This is not a drama riddled in clichés. This is the anti-cliché drama. The suspense sends you into circles and makes you question who’s who, the whole way through.

Addiction Level:

3 Pills – The cliffhangers might make you curious enough to watch another episode, even when your eyes have had enough for the night.


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Episode Count:



Lee Joon Gi is no stranger to dark roles, with offbeat, and sometimes mysteriously deep characters. So it was a no-brainer as to why he was perfectly casted as the ml, Baek Hee-Sung, to add the emotional depth and layered dimensions needed to pull this off this unhealed teen, who fled a small countryside town, where rumors infamously followed him all of his life. Moon Chae Won, as fl “Cha Ji-Won, is the perfect balm to aid all of his hurting parts… well the ones that she is able to see. What she can’t see may be too big for her to handle, and too painful to be cured. The bright spot in all of the darkness was definitely cast down by the young and brilliant, Jung Seo Yeon, as adorable little “Baek Eun Ha”. She really held her own amongst acting giants, and really brought so much warmth to a sometimes intense plot build.
This series is an intense 16 episodes long, suspenseful rollercoaster. The episodes can feel a bit lengthy sometimes, and the storyline would not have suffered by ending two episodes earlier. We live in dark intensity for so much of this series, that it would have been great to have a balance of more bubbly moments: i.e., more scenes with Baek Eun Ha!



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Exam Results:


This gripping show was definitely one of 2020s best, and definitely deserved the hype that it got. The intensity and acting were top-notch!

Side Effects:

This is s series that is felt deeply and sometimes painfully, in your soul. It sticks with you when it’s done. You may need a week to get the characters out of your thoughts.

Recommended Follow-up:

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Short Pill: Full Review Coming.

Short Pill: Full Review Coming.

Short Pill: Full Review Coming!

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