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Fight For My Way! (2017) B+

The SHORT Pill:

This is a story that follows the “It” crowd from their glory moments in High School, into the lowest moments of their adult lives. We watch them fight to get their lives back on track, all while watching the bigger fight preparing to happen in the ring.

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Best Time To Watch:

Anytime. The show is pretty bright and lively, so you won’t easily doze off while watching late.

Prescribed For:

Those coming down off of an emotionally taxing drama. This is a great way to neutralize your heart.

Love And Romance:

The love can come off as very familial, which is never easy to switch to the romantic kind so late in the relationship. It’s still super fun to watch how protective they are of each other.

Classic Clichés:

I wish. I would have liked to see more clichés in this drama. I waited for an awesome makeover, not just on style, but also on their lives. That would have made my heart smile.

Addiction Level:

2.5 Pills: Has Addictive moments and episodes that will keep you watching and easier episodes that can allow you to pause and take a break.


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This show is fun. Seriously. It’s bright, it’s airy, it’s bubbly, and is a great follow up choice, to cool your heart down, after watching an emotionally heavy drama. It starts off lively, and on a high note. You’re instantly introduced to the main cast, who are clearly the popular kids of the school, and they are likable from the start. So much so that you root for them throughout the show. You watch the Goliaths turn into Davids as you root for them to fight their way back to the top of the pops. Characters who once displayed an unshakeable confidence will start to question and doubt, and you’ll be along for the ride, cheering them back into the fight for their livelihood.
Overcoming Adversities – YES, we know they can’t win the war at the very start, but we do need a victory, or two, to keep us invested through the fight. If ???? keeps cowering or losing at every turn, we feel like we lose at every turn as well. We don’t always want to wait until the very end to wipe the smile off of our opponents face. Even if it isn’t a permanent win, we don’t need a long losing streak that doesn’t feel heal with one short win. So because the losses seemed longer than the victory period of the win, I have to downgrade this series that I really was fond of. It’s definitely worth the watch, and is really a good time. I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.



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Exam Results:


To be honest, if it weren’t for a few short things, it would have easily been an A in my book, maybe even a plus. When it comes to Dramas, not all clichés are bad clichés. Believe it or not, there are classic clichés that us drama addicts love to see and wouldn’t mind watching over and over again.

Side Effects:

When this drama is done, you’ll still feel as responsible for the characters as they feel for one another. You’ll wonder what they’re up to and hope they’re faring well.

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