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Emergency Couple (2014) Classic A-

The SHORT Pill:

Short Pill: Someone please call 911 because this beautiful love has taken a hilarious turn for the worst! Sometimes love turns into hate and sometimes hate is just love misunderstood.

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Best Time To Watch:

Make it a great night with this one. It’s enough to keep you up and alert and laughing for episodes to come.

Prescribed For:

All audiences! Newbies will think it’s hilarious and Addicts will get a comedic fix.

Love And Romance:

This drama is about the other side of love. This is what happens when love gets taken for granted. It still has all of the beautiful bits in between.

Classic Clichés:

Oh, I think this drama single-handedly made the classic Kdrama mouth sigh/bang blow more famous. And facial expressions are in abundance.

Addiction Level:

3 Pills: Very Addictive. You can’t help but wonder what will happen on the next episode.


Original Network:


Places To Watch:

Viki/Prime Video

Episode Count:



After an exciting quickie wedding, with neither parents or friends, Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin-hyuk) and Oh Jin-hee (Song Ji-hyo) quickly learn that marriage isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. When the flowers fade and the honeymoon stage is over, their disdain for one another grows strong. The very thought of coming home becomes nauseating… but absolutely hilarious to watch!
Because this is a classic K-drama (Big hit before 2016) the formulas ran a bit differently then, and definitely longer than today’s shows. This could have been a few episodes less and it would’ve driven it straight home without any delay or drag.


CAST CHEMISTRY and Comedic Timing was spot on! Sometimes it felt like Oh Chang-min and Oh Jin-hee truly hated each other… but in the most loving and hilariously familial way. Sometimes romantic and sometimes like that of an annoying brother and sister. Either way, I couldn’t get enough of watch them together!


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“Oh Jin-hee” (Female Lead) Feisty, Funny, and Tough. She can roll up her sleeves and roll with the best of them!
“Oh Chang-min” (Male Lead) Pretty, Petty, Bullheaded and Funny. His tit-for-tat nature is pure comedy gold.


Exam Results:


I could seriously watch this drama over and over again. It’s funny, fun, and super memorable.

Side Effects:

All good effects. You’ll see some of the facial expressions in your mind… and may even make some from time to time.

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