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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (2020) A-

The SHORT Pill:

When life takes an unfortunate turn, an entitled “Daddy’s Girl” from the city, joins the ‘real world’ of the countryside to earn her keep. With a lots of kindness from strangers, flattering compliments, an endless list of “I Owe You’s”, and piano barter payments, she gains friendships and support that that money could never afford.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Although you can watch at any time of the day, the real story and laughter picks up at the start of episode 2. The characters really find their rhythm and everything connects.

Prescribed For:

Newbies will appreciate this drama for sure. Pro Watchers might need a bit convincing if they feel they’ve been here, saw that! But I believe this is a perfect break drama for a Pro coming off of an emotional binge.

Love And Romance:

Yes, it’s so sweet. Of course it starts off as a dependency and need, but it grows into something much more once layers of understanding unfold.

Classic Clichés:

Yes, but in reverse. I LOVE seeing spoiled women who have men jumping through hoops. We always see how the men dangle contracts over women to get them to do anything requested, so it’s only fair when it’s flipped.

Addiction Level:

2.5 Pills – It gets progressively more addictive as you watch. Because of all of the laughter, you’ll find yourself laughing into another episode, without realizing it.


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A surprisingly quiet hit series, that didn’t get the hype that it deserved. People didn’t know how to feel about this drama, and was expecting it to be about something totally different than it is. This is actually a very cute rom-com, with wonderful cast chemistry, and noteworthy comedic timing. I must admit that while watching episode one, I thought this series was going to solely be about a piano player trying to make it to the top… or something like that- but it wasn’t. The piano was a plus, but not the main feat. Every trope that I thought was developing, took a different turn.
Reminiscent of “Cheese in the Trap’s” ending, where you invest so much time into liking characters and storyline builds, only to wonder why the choices that were made at the end, were made at all. The ending did NOT spoil the series for me- I liked it way to much, but it did cause me to wonder what the writer was thinking.



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Exam Results:


Infectiously funny and really a feel good time. Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook have wonderful chemistry and comedic timing! Although the ending is a bit confusing, and a slightly different direction could have made for a better grade.

Side Effects:

you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. to watch this drama, even while feeling slightly annoyed, it was a feel good watch.

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Short Pill:

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