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Cheese in the Trap (2016) B

The SHORT Pill:

When an offbeat, quirky girl, becomes the object of desire for an offbeat Chaebol (heir), things get kind of weird.. yet strangely beautiful. She tries to understand his darker side and he tries to allow her light to warm his heart. But can Beauty really change a Beast? Sometimes, being an empathetic soul can lead you like a mouse to cheese in a trap.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Start earlier in the day, if possible. The later it gets, the harder it might be to get past the first episode. Once you get through the first. episode, the games begin!

Prescribed For:

Newbies and Teens might enjoy this much more than Vets. Since it’s based off of a Webtoon, those who enjoy webtoons will probably keep up as well.

Love And Romance:

Pretty hard to define the relationship as love, and most of the efforts came across as more controlling than romantic.

Classic Clichés:

Lot’s of clichés that we love: Rich Guy likes Kooky Girl, pretty girls. with bratty behavior, and talented, yet misunderstood geniuses get. discovered.

Addiction Level:

2.5 Pills: Depending on the mood, you may watch another episode, or you may take a nap and resume the next day.


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Did I like this Drama? Yes, I did. I actually liked it very much. I must admit though that the first time trying, I wasn’t really sold on this show. I think I started watching it too late in the evening, when I was already tired, and ended up watching with double-vision. I’m glad I circled back 2 years later, once my love for Kim Go Eul, who plays the lead, Hong Seol, grew with much admiration. However, this series is a great example of how subtle teen abuse can be. Not the physical kind that we’re used to, but the kind that we don’t even know is happening. This is the kind that you sense, but question, because you think you must be wrong. It’s a manipulation that even most adults can’t seem to grasp. I think the writer, Nam-Hee Kim, did a wonderful job with this. Although you’re watching everything happen in real time, it even confuses you as to whether you should trust the villain(s) or not. The characters are so dimensional that you wonder if they have any good reasons from their viewpoint, or not. Until the end, you’ll wonder whether or not to like them, while awaiting the full story. But there is something so honest about Kim Go Eul’s acting. If you‘ve watched her in Goblin, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. She is really adept at playing it cool, calm, and humbly sincere. She brings something so authentic, that ou can’t help but to tune in and see what’s happening next. Park Hae-Jin, who plays the male lead, Jung Yoo, was intense, rigid, and sometimes mysterious to a fault. Although it was a challenge to understand him and what he wanted, Seol, seemed to tap into something that no one else could see, and allowed him to relax and unfold a little, even if it was short lived.
The ending was pretty hard to accept. I was totally invested until the very end but it failed to meet desires, hopes, and expectations. I think some of the love scenes could be viewed as manipulative and controlling.



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Exam Results:


I liked this drama a lot. I just wanted more when it drew nearer to the end. There are many rumors about why the series went in the direction that it did, but we may never know. Had different choices somehow been made, this show could’ve been a solid “A” for me. It’s still worth a watch… just with a WARNING.

Side Effects:

Slight confusion. When it’s done, you’ll still wonder what happened, and how you got there. What did I just watch?

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Short Pill: They say Beauty is only skin deep but that doesn't always ring true in certain societies. In a world where beauty is rated, and faces are judged, can plastic beauty still compete in a classic beauty world?

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