(to Cure K-Drama Fever!)

Revenge Note (Sweet Revenge) (2017-18) B+

Short Pill:

Someone’s making a list, and checking it twice, and it’s not good Saint Nick! The last thing you want to do is end up on the Revenge List. But what better way is there to quietly get your vengeance?

Beautiful World (2019) A+

Short Pill:

A tear-jerkingly sad reality behind the effects of school bullying and how it directly or indirectly affects the lives of everyone involved.

At 18 (Moment of 18) (2019) A+

Short Pill:
A heart warming coming-of-age story about daring to be true to yourself and trying to navigate young adult life, with pressures to succeed, or live up to the standards of those around you.

Heirs (2013) Classic B+

Short Pill:

A satisfying take on the “rich boy, loves poor girl” tale, of a girl from a lower social class, who meets a young heir from an elite world that he invites her in to. Can she swim with the sharks? Or will she learn to tame them so she won’t sink?

Dream High (2011) Classic A

Short Pill:
Why dream low when you can achieve everything that you work for with a little hard work and patience? Why give up when you have a school dedicated to help push you to the finish line? Why sing so low when you can scream high? But can all dreams come true at Dream High?

High School Love On (2014) Classic A

Short Pill:
A teenager reaper of souls, gets stuck between the real world and the celestial world when she personally helps a human to live. What is develop afterwards, is out of this world!