(to Cure K-Drama Fever!)

The Uncanny Counter (2020-21) A+

Short Pill:

Although Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes, it’s still more exciting to watch the most unlikely hero transform almost overnight to add a little something ‘uncanny’ to the vengeance and butt kicking style.

A Korean Odyssey (2017) B+

Short Pill:
Haunted, taunted, and afraid of the gift inside- just imagine if the one who has promised to protect you has a challenging time trying not to harm you. A reality stranger than fiction, a total Odyssey in Korea, indeed.

Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) A

Short Pill:
A hostess of a magical late night bar, must meet a quota to settle the grudges of people in need, or suffer the consequences of a newer and worse fate than the curse that she was sentenced to, centuries prior.