(to Cure K-Drama Fever!)

Birth of a Beauty (2014-15) B+

Short Pill:
They say that Beauty is only “skin deep” but the world rarely looks beyond the face to discover the beauty inside. Can new packaging promote what you want the world to see. or should you change how. you see yourself in the world?

High School Love On (2014) Classic A

Short Pill:
A teenager reaper of souls, gets stuck between the real world and the celestial world when she personally helps a human to live. What is develop afterwards, is out of this world!

Cunning Single Lady (2014) Classic A-

Short Pill:
She left him when he was down and out, and now that he’s super successful, she’ll try every trick in the book to get his attention again.

Angel Eyes (2014) Classic A-

Short Pill:
An emotional story of a young blind girl who relies on her other senses to help navigate in the world, and discern the hearts of those closest to her. Will her senses lead her to the same heart when her sight is restored? (Xandddie Art Featured)

Pinocchio (2014/15) B+

Short Pill:
A young man who is stuck in a world full of lies and hurt, meets a young woman, who cannot lie, without being found out. As he learns to trust her, it helps to heal him, and find truth along the way.

Legendary Witch (2014-15) A

Short Pill:
From Prison to Pastries! A group of unlikely women form a friendship in prison that extends beyond release. They come together in business and as a bonus family.