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Be Melodramatic (2019) A

The SHORT Pill:

A fresh and REALISTIC view of life in Korea for young, 20-something, career professionals, who are trying to conquer the hurdles of life, delays of dreams, and emotions of love… all while learning about their authentic selves on the road to Thirty.

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Anytime of the day! (Although, the first episode may take some zooming in to focus in on what’s actually happening.) Not a drama that you’ll have to hurt your eyes to watch more of. You can pause, take a nap, wake up, and happily view it the next day.

Prescribed For:

All Audiences! I watched this right after “Search WWW” and it was a perfect follow-up, to stay in the vein of a smartly written, women-centric drama, that doesn’t focus solely on romance, but highlights the struggles of career building and progressing.

Love And Romance:

Not the dreamy, melodramatic k-drama type that you’re used to. It feels like a real, real-life, dynamic. They removed many of the typical cliché’s that we’re used to and gave us something that we could relate to, and not just fantasize about from afar. A learned a lot from watching the relationships displayed on this series

Classic Clichés:

Nope. Was so glad to see a young single mother, who wasn’t struggling to raise her child, or forced to live in a rooftop apartment, while crying and dreaming about giving her child the best life possible. She had a baby and continued her life as usual. Kept her friends, kept her job, and raised that baby in a beautiful home. They tried to be as original as possible. It didn’t really call for cliché’s because of how grounded and smart the characters were.

Addiction Level:

2 PILLS. (It makes you want to know what the characters are up to, without losing sleep to do it) The episodes all end gently, without cliff-hangers that suck you in for another round.


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We all have friends, or hope to have friends, in our lifetime, who stick around so long, that they morph right into a familial role. And these friends are just that- Family! Watching them band together, while they fight to make life happen on their own terms, is inspiring and enjoyable to watch.  There is something so incredibly chill about this drama. The characters, the storyline, heck- even the music… everything is complementary. It’s very different from many other k-dramas you’ve seen, and in a very good way. When smart, successful, and driven friend, Eun-jung (played by Jeon Yeo-bin), starts to go through a REALLY difficult time in her life, her support system, Jin-ju (played by Chun Woo-hee), and Han-ju (played by Han Ji-eun), drop everything to come to her rescue and show that they’ve got her back. Although they haven’t quite reached the pinnacle that Eun-jung has reached on the ladder of success, you’ll see that nothing matters, when a friends is on the brink of breaking down. Through the heartaches and heartbreaks, tears and tough times, they work tirelessly to reach their goals for success and overcome all hurdles along the way. 
There’s not much I didn’t like about this drama. I think they could’ve done a better job with separating the past from the present. Sometimes I didn’t know what was current or what was memory. But once you really dig into this drama, you’ll have a total “aha” moment, where everything will click… and then you’ll cry. Literally.



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“JIN-JU” Fearless, Laid Back, Determined, and COOL!  Lim Jin-ju was the perfect Bestie to keep you calm during a time of melt-down. 
“BEOM-SOO”  Sarcastic, Witty, Stubborn and Meticulous!  Son Beom-soo brought a sophisticated humor to the mix from the very start. 
“EUN-JUNG”  Smart, Unwavering, Sophisticated, and Unbothered!  Lee Eun-jung got caught in the winds of life, but refused to stop walking.
“HAN-JOO”  Loyal, Caring, Attentive and Balanced!  Hwang Han-joo had a lot of responsibilities in her world but never faltered on friendships.


Exam Results:


In a league of its own. It’s smart, witty, fun, and leaves you feeling empowered and open to the possibilities of lifelong friendships being the only companionship you need.

Side Effects:

As “Mellow” as this drama is, it lingers in your mind for quite a long time. You will definitely think about the characters from time-to-time, and wonder what they’re up to. It’s haunting in that way.

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