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Backstreet Rookie (2020) B

The SHORT Pill:

When a heart throb convenience store manager tries to manage a charming, young, part time employee, things get less than convenient, but all the more exciting while discovering who’s truly in charge of whom.

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Best Time To Watch:

Anytime, but be in the mood for a webtoon themed comedy. This is definitely something you can only focus in on because you planned to.

Prescribed For:

Newbies, open-minded K-Addicts who wants something fun, bubbly, bright, and not too serious.

Love And Romance:

Very “cat & mouse”, chase but not catch kind of love dynamic. A very long and funny flirtation.

Classic Clichés:

I wasn’t really hit with HUGE chemistry in this drama. I love each actor individually but was not sold on the beating of the hearts.

Addiction Level:

2 Pills – Not really addictive, but will continue watching if your curiosity gets the better of you.


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To be honest, I almost quit this drama during the first episode. But because of my love for the two leads, Kim Yoo Jung (Saet Bull) and Ji Chang Wook (Dae-Hyun) I made myself push through… and I’m really glad I did. Kim Yoo Jung is AWESOME! It’s so great to see her all grown up and kicking butt.
WARNING: You must give the first episode at least 30 minutes before switching it off. And you must give the drama itself until the end of the 3rd episode before making a decision. It starts off a bit all over the place and may have you questioning whether you should continue or not. You should. Remember, this series is based on a Webtoon and can, at times, get a little fantastical. The first few episodes can find you a bit lost in the mix. because of the animated nature. So it takes a bit longer to get to the heart of the matter.


CAST CHEMISTRY: It took a bit longer than expected to get into a groove but once they found a connection, the banter was very enjoyable.


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Exam Results:


Rated this comedy a “B” because with a tad bit more polish, this drama could have really been one for the books.

Side Effects:

It’s safe to say that your love for Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung will not be any less after watching this.

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Short Pill: Full Review Coming.

Short Pill: Review Coming Soon!

Short Pill: Every marriage has its faults, but when love becomes a battlefield, who will come out on the other side? How many people will it effect? And who will be at fault? This drama follows passion led astray and the darkness that can come out of love that once bloomed brightly.

Short Pill: Making your mark on the world is no easy feat. What's harder is when everyone is watching, making it scarier to fail. But believe whole-heartedly that this is where you were meant to be, and let your record of youth tell the rest of the story. "I was here!"

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