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100 Days My Prince (2018) B+

The SHORT Pill:

When a prince loses his memory for 100 Days, relationships are formed that could last a lifetime… but the bigger question is… will they make the cut in his royal return?

The Pharma 5 Watch Guide!

Best Time To Watch:

Mid Day to Early Evening! Definitely good to start Historical and Sageuk’s before dark so you’re alert and able catch everything that the build up has to offer. Too early in the day can be hard to concentrate on the slow and dark, historical evening scenes.

Prescribed For:

Those looking to lock out the world and dive into something for an entire weekend. Great for a lazy or rainy Sunday.

Love And Romance:

There is a real intensity with the storyline of the childhood characters. They know what they want and hold on to it. The older characters’ storyline takes a bit more time to bloom.

Classic Clichés:

Everything we love in historicals – a prince, a maiden, nobles and everlasting love (after a lot of hardships, of course). This drama. takes a lighter approach but still checks the boxes on the historical tropes we’ve come to love.

Addiction Level:

2 Pills: Can be cool some episodes and addictive some episodes but really holds a nice. and steady pace.


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It was wonderful to see Nam Ji Hyun return to do another bright and cheery historical role. You can’t help but to love Do Kyung Soo as Crown Prince, Lee Yool. He brings something so refreshing, naive, and fun to the role. And not to mention, FUNNY. Yes, he’s surprisingly funny. Call me a stalker, if you must, but I stan SO hard for young Jung Ji-Hoon. He’s dynamic. He’s always been dynamic. The same way I use to follow almost any movie that a young Kim Yoo Jung was in, I find myself drawn to Ji-Hoon’s roles. He gives it everything he has, and leaves nothing wanting.
I would have loved to see Nam Ji-Hyun’s intensity match D.O.’s. I totally believed him as a Crown Prince, through and through, but sometimes lost the intensity in Nam Ji-hyun’s brightness.


CAST CHEMISTRY: Nam Ji-hyun and D.O. brought such charm and brightness to their roles that you could just tell how fun it must have been to work on set. Jung Ji-hoon, who plays the young Crown Prince, never disappoints when he’s in. character. He’s always quite a riot!


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“Yeon Hong Shim”
“Crown Prince Lee Yool”
“Jong Jae Yoon”
“Princess So Hye”


Exam Results:


This was a safe story, with safe characters. It didn’t really rock the boat too much or venture far from other sageuks that we love.

Side Effects:

Definitely leaves you in the mood for a meatier comedy or something deeper to sink your teeth into.

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